The Beginning...

Hey there! I’m Josh Gander, the founder of Elevated Faith. Our team is on a mission to share purpose, hope, and love to a lost world. Here is my story. Back in early 2015, just weeks after dropping out of college, I found myself in a difficult and lonely place. I realized that I was chasing the wrong things over the past couple of years in my personal life and in business, and I finally gave in to God's constant nudges.

All my life, I knew my purpose was to influence people positively and share truth with others. My faith in God was what I valued most, and I wanted desperately for all the world to hear about what He has done for them. But I didn’t know how, or what my role in His plan would be.

The Vision

It was during that valley in 2015 that God put it on my heart to start another business. When He asked me to point others to Him through it, it finally all clicked. I had somewhat struggled in sharing my faith, and I had the idea of creating jewelry and apparel that would open doors to easily share my faith with others. I knew that it wasn’t just me that struggled with this, so I had no doubt that this could help many people.

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About your product

We provide products with smoother fabrics, so it feels most like you, real. Our goal is have you wear what we value, and that is authentic quality. All of our tees are side seamed and manufactured to result in a superior product you will love to wear any day of the year.

The RICH Kliqué is also concerned with the world we live in and takes our environmental responsibilities seriously. All manufacturing facilities, where our tees are made, are made in eco-conscious facilities that reduce waste, recycle, and promotes a clean environment. All facilities are W.R.A.P. Certified and implement clean, safe, well lit, and modern working environments for all employees. 

How to use your product

Our tees unties fashion with quality, comfort, flawless fit and value! Our goal is to have you look good, and feel most like you. It’s effortless, strong, and so soft. That’s why we made it our goal to produce tees that are as closely related to authenticity. Our authentic tees make you feel comfortable and comforted.They are made with the highest quality yarns available as well as state of the art knitting and sewing techniques in order to provide our customers with real quality.

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The name Elevated Faith represents how we, as Christians, are never done growing. We will never be perfect; every single day we must work hard to grow in our relationship with our Creator. The bracelets (and now, apparel, rings & more) serve as a daily reminder to constantly strive to elevate our faith—to take our relationship with God to the next level and to share our faith with others.

Now, a few years later, Elevated Faith has seen immense growth, and I’m in awe of everything God is doing through this company year after year. Everyone who has been positively impacted through Elevated Faith is a direct result of God being faithful and showing His power through something as simple as jewelry & apparel. This is not about me at all. All the glory goes to God.

We have built an amazing community together and I’m so grateful for your support. I couldn’t be more excited to watch this seed continue to grow alongside every one of you. We wouldn’t be here without all of YOU!

- Josh Gander
Founder of Elevated Faith